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While illegal, cocaine has been around for decades and is often glamorized in pop culture. In the media, the usual formula shows characters using cocaine while in their power suits, giving them energy to work continually or party into the night. In reality, there’s nothing glamorous about being addicted to cocaine, a drug that has taken thousands of lives over the years in the United States.

Signs & Effects of Cocaine Use

If you suspect someone is using cocaine, here are some signs to look out for:

  • Sudden mood swings (extremely happy to angry and irritable)
  • Intense hyperactivity
  • Paranoia or always nervous
  • Frequent nosebleeds or sniffles (for those who snort cocaine)
  • Loss of smell
  • Needle marks (for those injecting cocaine)
  • Inadequate sleep patterns or not sleeping at all
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lack of motivation to go to school, work, etc.

Cocaine damages the body by negatively impacting the brain, stomach and heart. If injected, people run the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS or hepatitis through needles. Because people aren’t fully aware of what they are doing when they are high, unsafe sex can also occur. Overdose can lead to a heart attack or stroke and even death.

Cocaine Treatment at DiscoveryMD

Cocaine is an intense drug, but there are powerful and proven treatments to help overcome its grip. If you or someone you love struggles with cocaine use and needs help, turn to DiscoveryMD. We will figure out the right treatment program and modality to get your life back on track. Get started by contacting us immediately via the form below.


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