DiscoveryMD - Who We Are & Why We're Different

Who We Are & Why We’re Different

DiscoveryMD goes beyond traditional psychiatric service offerings. We are part of the Discovery Behavioral Health integrated system of care specializing in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders and substance use disorders.  Consider us an entry point for services you need now and some you may need in the future – one call, many possibilities.

DiscoveryMD - Who We Are & Why We're Different

Get It Right the First Time

Getting your diagnosis and treatment right the first time will get you on the correct treatment path immediately. You will receive a comprehensive diagnose virtually or in-person to determine the precise level of care and treatment you need. In some cases, you can continue your treatment via telehealth but should you need a more structured or intensive level of care, we have in-person options including 1:1 outpatient treatment, group therapy, and residential treatment programs. With the proper diagnosis, you can begin your personalized treatment program with confidence.

DiscoveryMD - Who We Are & Why We're Different

Medical Doctors for an Added Degree of Care

We are trained, seasoned and vetted medical doctors – not just therapists.  DiscoveryMD psychiatrists serve as the best starting point because a thorough psychiatric assessment will help you to get the right diagnosis including medication recommendations, medication management and referrals to specific types of treatment like TMS for persistent depression, if needed.  That’s something a therapist alone can’t do. And if more structured levels of care are needed, we can make the best recommendation including a referral to an intensive outpatient program, partial hospitalization or residential treatment program. With Discovery MD, you can expand the treatment options available to you.

DiscoveryMD - Who We Are & Why We're Different


Because all of our treatment programs from telehealth to traditional care are part of our own integrated system of care, you can be assured that we will monitor your personal journey from the beginning of your treatment through discharge and aftercare. Our history of evidence-based care and clinical outcomes demonstrates a commitment to providing the right care at the right level.

DiscoveryMD - Who We Are & Why We're Different

We Specialize in Healthcare – Not Marketing

Many providers offering psychiatric services with telehealth options outsource treatment to hundreds or even thousands of therapists they don’t interact with on a regular basis. Through marketing algorithms, they connect patients with clinicians; this is efficient, but not always effective. At DiscoveryMD, you’ll stay within our trusted family of providers or more than 100 facilities nationwide:

DiscoveryMD - Who We Are & Why We're Different

Our Values

Our core philosophy is simple. We believe everyone deserves a happy, rewarding life. We make access to care easy through telehealth and traditional treatment centers. Since 1997, our centers have provided life-saving treatment by working with patients, families, communities, and the insurance providers who pay for care. With DiscoveryMD, all your needs are handled by us. You can move fluidly throughout our system based on your specific treatment plan and goals, without the stress of traditional healthcare systems. When access to care is easy, a happier life is within reach.

We’re Here to Help

Call us at 425-256-4381 or fill out the form below. A caring DiscoveryMD representative will get back to you soon.