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Patients Who Experienced the DiscoveryMD Difference

About the Program

“This program and especially the staff have been very compassionate, and I truly feel they care deeply about their clients. They are helpful in many ways with people’s fight against addiction.”

~ D.H.

“This is a very helpful program. Everyone in the program is amazing and empowering.”

~ M.D.

“This program saved my life! I made some amazing friends and had the best counselor I could have ever asked for.”

~ L.M.W.

“I have tried to stop drinking multiple times on my own, but for me [this program] is the only thing that worked …”

~ J.E.W.

“It helped me a great deal when other programs failed to do so.”

~ E.A.

“I feel like this is a very helpful program. I have made a lot of new clean and sober friends throughout my journey, which has helped me to stay clean.”

~ S.S.

“I was referred to [try] TMS therapy. The therapy has quite literally changed my life. The staff were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend looking into the TMS treatments here if you are struggling.”

~ Former patient

“I have been taking handfuls of pills for over 30 years, and never really felt any better. After my second treatment, I felt different. Better than I can ever remember feeling!”

~ Former patient

About the Support Groups

“Love that there’s an all-women’s group”

~ S.W.

“I recommend this program because there is never any judgement in the groups."

~ A.E.

About the Staff

“The staff is very understanding and extremely helpful. My counselor was great!”

~ C.N.

“Coming to [DiscoveryMD] changed my life so much! Debbie and Dawn are such wonderful and caring counselors. They have both made a huge impact in my life. I’m not sure I would have made it without their help.”

~ M.V.

“The counselors actually care. This program works as long as you apply what they teach you.”

~ D.S.

“Well, where do I start? I didn’t think I needed IOP. I told Mrs. Brenda that I would do the program but ‘I’m not talking, just listening.’ That didn’t happen. Mrs. Brenda and the other group members were able to help me feel comfortable and I started sharing. I went from saying that I was in the wrong place when I got my DUI to accepting that I have an alcohol problem. Thank you for opening my eyes.”

~ J.J.

“[The program] saved me from going deeper and deeper off track. They helped me get my head together and showed me that I was worth it. Debbie, Noreen, Noel and James have been great. I really enjoyed coming to see them all. They taught me to take care of myself. They cared…”

~ M.D.

“I knew that my first treatment was literally the first day of my new life! Dr. Davila, and every single person there, is totally, 100% devoted to your well-being.”

~ Former patient

About Our Approach

“[DiscoveryMD] got me clean because it allowed me to change my negative thinking into positive thinking. I am very grateful.”

~ D.K.

“[DiscoveryMD] forces one to confront and deal with difficult truths about responsibility for behavior. The [intensive outpatient] program is long enough for those truths to sink and be faced productively.”

~ B.E.

“I’ve been through several IOPs, and this one seems to deal with addiction much better than others.”

~ R.B.D.

“In the beginning it was hard for me to understand and accept that I could actually benefit from [the] program, but it turns out that because of the caring staff and other patients trying to get clean there, it was not only possible but easier than I thought it would be.”

~ K.D.

“They offer a supportive, safe environment that is conducive to recovery!”

~ J.D.

“I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for God, [this program], and my family and friends—in that order. The Zoom way of seeing my group is just like being there in person. Still very promising in my heart and my sobriety. Like most, I take my recovery very seriously.”

~ D.L.

“I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a comfortable, non-judgmental and caring doctor’s office.”

~ Former patient

“[This program] has saved my life! From group therapy, medication regiment, TMS and the warmth of the employees who truly work hard to support you and your recovery, I now have my life back.”

~ Former patient

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