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Patients Who Experienced the DiscoveryMD Difference

About the Program

“This program and especially the staff have been very compassionate, and I truly feel they care deeply about their clients.”

~ D.H.

“This is a very helpful program. Everyone in the program is amazing and empowering.”

~ M.D.

“This program saved my life! I made some amazing friends and had the best counselor I could have ever asked for.”

~ L.M.W.

“It helped me a great deal when other programs failed to do so.”

~ E.A.

“I was referred to [try] TMS therapy. The therapy has quite literally changed my life. The staff were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend looking into the TMS treatments here if you are struggling.”

~ Former patient

“I have been taking handfuls of pills for over 30 years, and never really felt any better. After my second treatment, I felt different. Better than I can ever remember feeling!”

~ Former patient

About the Support Groups

“Love that there’s an all-women’s group”

~ S.W.

“I recommend this program because there is never any judgement in the groups."

~ A.E.

About the Staff

“The staff is very understanding and extremely helpful. My counselor was great!”

~ C.N.

“Coming to [DiscoveryMD] changed my life so much! Debbie and Dawn are such wonderful and caring counselors. They have both made a huge impact in my life. I’m not sure I would have made it without their help.”

~ M.V.

“The counselors actually care. This program works as long as you apply what they teach you.”

~ D.S.

“Well, where do I start? I didn’t think I needed IOP. I told Mrs. Brenda that I would do the program but ‘I’m not talking, just listening.’ That didn’t happen. Mrs. Brenda and the other group members were able to help me feel comfortable and I started sharing ...Thank you for opening my eyes.”

~ J.J.

“[The program] saved me from going deeper and deeper off track. They helped me get my head together and showed me that I was worth it. Debbie, Noreen, Noel and James have been great. I really enjoyed coming to see them all. They taught me to take care of myself. They cared…”

~ M.D.

“I knew that my first treatment was literally the first day of my new life! Dr. Davila, and every single person there, is totally, 100% devoted to your well-being.”

~ Former patient

About Our Approach

“[DiscoveryMD] ... allowed me to change my negative thinking into positive thinking. I am very grateful.”

~ D.K.

“[DiscoveryMD] forces one to confront and deal with difficult truths about responsibility for behavior. The [intensive outpatient] program is long enough for those truths to sink and be faced productively.”

~ B.E.

“In the beginning it was hard for me to understand and accept that I could actually benefit from [the] program, but it turns out that because of the caring staff and other patients trying to get clean there, it was not only possible but easier than I thought it would be.”

~ K.D.

“I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for God, [this program], and my family and friends—in that order. The Zoom way of seeing my group is just like being there in person.”

~ D.L.

“I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a comfortable, non-judgmental and caring doctor’s office.”

~ Former patient

“[This program] has saved my life! From group therapy, medication regiment, TMS and the warmth of the employees who truly work hard to support you and your recovery, I now have my life back.”

~ Former patient

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