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A substance use or mental health disorder may have taken over your life for months or even years. The toll has been steep: hurt relationships, job losses, not finishing school, special moments or celebrations missed. At DiscoveryMD, zeroing in on what is causing damage and pain is what can get a person the right treatment and eventually, lifelong recovery.

If you or someone you love has been missing out on the pleasures of life, you’re not alone.

By the Numbers: Substance Use & Mental Health Disorders


14.8 million, or 10.6%, of Americans have an alcohol use disorder

7.8% of U.S. adults had a substance use disorder (SUD) in 2018

24.7% of Americans with drug disorders have an opioid disorder

31.9 million Americans 12 years and older are current illegal drug users
1 in 5 U.S. adults experienced a mental health disorder in 2020
42.6% U.S. adults with a mental health condition get treatment each year
75% of lifetime mental illnesses began by age 24

1 in 15 U.S. adults who experience a substance use disorder with a mental health disorder

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Drugs, alcohol or a mental health condition can overtake your life, as well as hurt those closest to you. At DiscoveryMD, we understand there is no one solution to get better, and that’s why we take great care to make sure you get personalized treatment to finally heal from a mental health or substance use disorder. Get started by contacting us immediately via the form below.

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