Mental Health Assessments

Every Journey Toward Healing and Wellbeing Begins with an Assessment

Assessments are offered at every DiscoveryMD location. The type of assessment you receive will depend on the challenges and goals you share with us during your initial consultation. A specially trained, licensed mental health expert will conduct your assessment and then develop a treatment plan that’s designed to specifically for you to help you overcome mental health struggles.

What Is a Biopsychosocial Assessment?

A biopsychosocial assessment is one of the most common assessments conducted with new patients at DiscoveryMD. With this assessment, we get to learn about our patient, arrive at a preliminary diagnosis and then a create an appropriate treatment plan.

Just as its name implies, a biopsychosocial assessment is comprised of three components that effect a person’s overall wellbeing:

  • Biology – Physical health, genetic vulnerabilities and drug effects
  • Psychological – Coping and social skills, self-esteem and mental health
  • Social – Family relationships and peers

Will Insurance Cover My Assessment?

Most insurance plans will cover an assessment. Our goal is to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you to receive the high-quality care you deserve. Our team will conduct a free insurance benefit check for you and schedule an assessment on a day and time that is convenient for you.

Take Your Next Step – Call Today

Everyone deserves a happy, rewarding life. Please call us today to so we can help you take that next step toward a fulfilling and healthier future. It all begins with your assessment and comprehensive treatment plan, whether it is for depression, anxiety or any other mental health need.


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