Talk Therapy

One-on-One Therapy that Gets to the Heart of the Matter

When you live with a mental health disorder, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how you got to the place you’re in right now. By talking it through on a one-on-one basis, a professional can help peel back the layers as to why you feel — and cope — the way you do. That’s what individual talk therapy, also called psychotherapy, is all about.

Talk Therapy at DiscoveryMD

At DiscoveryMD, you will attend various sessions of talk therapy with a licensed professional in a safe, caring and confidential atmosphere. They will help you explore your feelings and behaviors, work through challenges, better understand yourself, set personal goals and work toward desired change.

Talk therapy is usually recommended and available to any patient in need of this service. Depending on what is recommended for you, talk therapy can be part of a wide range of treatment offerings from DiscoveryMD, including psychiatric medication management, ketamine and/or esketamine or transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

“The staff is very understanding and extremely helpful. My counselor was great!”
– C.N., former patient

Start Talk Therapy Today to Feel Better Tomorrow

If you have struggled to figure out the reason behind your mood disorder, such as depression or anxiety, getting help from a trusted provider is essential. We are dedicated to getting to the root of your symptoms so you can finally feel like yourself again. DiscoveryMD has provided thousands of individuals with behavioral health care to help them flourish. Our convenient in-person and online programs could be the answer so you can get the care you deserve without interrupting your day-to-day life. Contact DiscoveryMD today or fill out the form below to have a member of our care team reach out to you.

Speak With an Expert Therapist

Talk therapy is offered in person at every DiscoveryMD location. In some states, it is available via telehealth, as well. Check our individual locations for the office that is closest to you and for details about all the services available.


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