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Alcohol is part of the fabric of American culture, and there’s no way around it. Across the country, alcohol is sold in almost every grocery or convenience store, available at nearly all major sporting events, advertised in every other commercial on television and dubbed as a type of “reward” after a long work week. It’s been a legal substance for decades and is socially acceptable at various functions. When people aren’t just enjoying a drink now and then and instead depend on it to get through the day, that’s a sure sign of an alcohol problem.

Signs & Effects of Alcohol Use

If you suspect someone is addicted to alcohol, here are some signs and symptoms to watch out for:

  • Can’t stop at one drink; binge drinks
  • Wants to stop drinking but is usually not successful
  • Always has the urge to drink
  • Frequently drinks or is recovering from drinking
  • Experiences episodes of withdrawal, such as nausea, shaking and sweating
  • Drinks by themselves or hides drinking from others
  • Drinks despite potential damage to the body, such as when a person has liver problems, heart problems, etc.
  • Has been in trouble because of drinking, such as getting a DUI

The emotional toll alcohol takes on a person can be equal to the damage it does to the body. When a person is addicted to alcohol, drinking becomes more important than spending time with loved ones, attending social events or performing well at school or work. Alcohol abuse impacts entire families, not just the person using it.

Alcohol Treatment at DiscoveryMD

If you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol or has gotten into trouble with the law because of drinking, DiscoveryMD has answers. Alcohol doesn’t have to rule your life or the lives of those around you. At DiscoveryMD, will find the optimal treatment program and modality to get you on the path to lifelong success. Get started by contacting us immediately via the form below.


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