Substance Use

Substances We Treat Are Strong – You Are Stronger

Some people with an addiction have a drug of choice. Others may do whatever is available. Either way, there are many drugs out in the world — some even legal — that take hold of a person and won’t let go. But there is hope and there are treatments. We recognize there are many different addictions, but there are substances that DiscoveryMD comes across more often than others. Learn more about the different substances we treat, the signs to look for and how DiscoveryMD can help.
Although it’s a big part of American culture, alcohol can cause a lot of damage.
Cocaine has been glamourized in pop culture, but a cocaine addiction is anything but pretty.
Co-Occurring Disorder
When an addiction and mental health disorder take over, the right treatment is needed.
Effects from this drug can be quite harmful but treatment for hallucinogens is available.
Heroin can devastate a person’s life and the lives of those around them if left untreated.
When marijuana use moves from recreation to a way to cope, it’s time to get help.
Opioids & Prescription Drugs
The opioid epidemic has devastated communities, but there is hope to finally heal.

Begin Your Journey to Overcome Substance Use Disorders

Drug and alcohol abuse can overtake your life, as well as hurt those closest to you. At DiscoveryMD, we understand there is no one solution to get better, and that’s why we take great care to make sure you get personalized treatment to finally overcome addiction. Get started by contacting us immediately via the form below.


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