Letting Outpatient Treatment for Addiction Work for You

When the subject of going into rehab for a substance use disorder is brought up, the typical thought process usually involves residential care, where patients go and stay for treatment for weeks or even months. However, that may not be the right solution for everyone. From insurance and financial barriers to caregiving concerns for children or elderly family members to work commitments, other solutions are often needed.

One solution that helps break down so many of the typical barriers to treatment is outpatient treatment for addiction. The cost and flexibility of scheduling give more patients access to the care, support and services they need, while still teaching them how to beat their addictions and providing them with effective treatment. Recovery with flexibility increases the chances for both access and success.

Benefits of Outpatient Rehab Treatment

There are many benefits to outpatient rehab treatment but providing access to quality care in affordable ways is one of the most critical benefits of this treatment option. Those who would not receive treatment otherwise due to barriers such as income or insurance can access care in facilities that accept state-approved insurance and are typically more affordable than residential care.

The scheduling and flexibility of outpatient rehab treatment also allow patients who are caregivers for family members, still employed or have other commitments that would preclude them from accessing residential care to find the treatment they need. Having all the necessary services for addiction recovery under one roof gives these patients greater access to high-quality care—and therefore better success in their recovery.

The global pandemic has created new barriers to treatment and accessing the help that is so often needed to recover from substance use disorder. However, many outpatient treatment centers offer telehealth options, giving those who want to recover from addiction continued access to care during these difficult times. The flexibility of outpatient treatment is ideal for treatment in a virtual setting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Services Offered in Outpatient Treatment for Addiction

Each outpatient treatment facility offers a variety of services to learn how to beat your addiction. These services offer the same quality of care as residential care, but with more flexibility and accessibility. 

Some of these services include:

  • Outpatient detox, including medically-assisted treatment (MAT), helps patients through the detoxification process, using medications if necessary to diminish the side effects of withdrawal from substances
  • Traditional and intensive outpatient group programs offer varying levels of education, interaction and support in a group setting based on your needs and schedule.
  • 12-step programs are tried-and-true recovery methods that allow patients to work through the recovery process, discover how to beat addiction and provide continued support for their recovery going forward.
  • Individual psychotherapy helps patients work through the source of their substance abuse and any associated mental health issues on a one-on-one basis with a licensed therapist.
  • Support groups are led by professionals that offer support to patients and their friends and families so they can better understand their needs throughout the recovery process.

Tying Together Resources in the Community

Another benefit of outpatient treatment facilities is that they are able to tie together related resources within the community. For example, organizations offering support for employment searches, job training or work programs in the community can collaborate with outpatient facilities to match patients with the help they need to secure employment. Other businesses in the community may offer special programs or incentives that are only made available to those participating in outpatient treatment for addiction. An outpatient treatment facility often can connect patients with their community for continued support in their recovery.

Alumni Programs Help Fuel Momentum

Another way that outpatient treatment facilities offer long-term support is through their alumni programs. Using tools such as apps, social media and more, graduates of the outpatient program can receive news, support, and information about events and ways to give back and support the recovery of others. Program alumni can stay connected with the facility, the staff and their peers in order to maintain the momentum of their recovery.

Give Outpatient Treatment a Try

There is not one single recovery solution that will work for every person or every situation. But in the end, it is far more important to seek treatment that is flexible and meets an individual’s needs, rather than treatment that tries to fit the individual into their schedule and plans. This is why the outpatient treatment model is an ideal option for so many. Patients can learn how to beat their addiction in ways that fit their lives and needs, empowering them to succeed in their recovery. 


If you are seeking treatment for addiction, there are many alternatives to traditional residential treatment facilities. Outpatient treatment for addiction has proven to be a better fit for many people. By offering all the services you need under one roof, outpatient facilities can make the recovery process just a little easier for you by fitting into your life—not the other way around. New Life is a Maryland outpatient treatment program that offers accessibility, affordability, flexibility and the opportunity for success in the treatment of substance use disorders. To learn more about our programs and scheduling, call New Life today at (877) 929-2571. Our goal is to remove any barriers to your treatment so we can provide you with compassionate, high-quality care. We want to help make outpatient treatment work for you. 

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