Putting on Your Recovery Armor One Day at a Time

Recovery from addiction can be like building and wearing armor to protect you. When the dragons of relapse threaten, going back to the basics can help you fight them off. The basic recovery principle of “one day at a time” is so much more than a catchphrase. Learning to embrace the simple truths learned in recovery can help create a powerful armor of protection against addiction relapse.

Building Your Armor in Recovery

Throughout history, armor was used to protect men going into battle. While there were many different types of armor, they all served to protect the body, particularly the most vulnerable parts. Armor wasn’t something that they wore once and then never put on again; it was something that they put on every day for protection.

Recovery is like building armor to protect you from the dragons of relapse. You never know when they are going to attack, so you need to use the basic principles that you learned in treatment and throughout recovery to protect yourself every day. One of the most important principles is to face life one day at a time.

Why Taking it “One Day at a Time” Protects You From Relapse

Imagine being pursued by a dragon. You would need to do everything in your power to escape. Looking back does not help your escape and could cost you everything. Looking too far forward may also cause you to miss the simple things right in front of you that could trip you up as well.

Addiction relapse is similar in that looking back at your addiction does not help you move forward. In fact, reminiscing about the events, people and places involved in your substance abuse, even in a positive way, could put you on the path to relapse. However, looking too far forward can be overwhelming and can cause you to miss the little things right in front of you that can catch you off guard and cause a relapse.

The principle of “one day at a time” allows you to be in the moment. You are not looking back at the dragon; you are not worried about how you are going to make it without substances for the rest of your life; you are just focused on today.

Fortifying Your Recovery Battles In Simple Ways

Recovery is not about always searching for some new, complicated or expensive method or program that will keep you clean and sober. Nor is it about just going to treatment one time and then walking away never to use substances again.

Recovery is as simple as putting on your armor every day. Every day, you recommit to living in the moment and doing the things you need to do that day to fight your battles. You don’t need to overthink it; you don’t need to talk about it; just do it. When the dragons come, if you are prepared, your recovery armor will protect you. That armor is built by sticking to the basics.

Inspect Your Armor Every Day

Before going into battle, armor was inspected for weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Taking a few minutes to inspect or repair their armor could mean the difference between life and death in battle. In addiction relapse, it is also important to look at your proverbial armor every day. Some of the simple truths in recovery that you can enlist every day to help protect you include:

  • Keeping your daily routines such as exercise, sleep, diet, self-care and more
  • Attending meetings and support groups
  • Preemptively avoiding people and situations that are known triggers
  • Maintaining contact with your support network
  • Attending therapy, medical appointments and following mental health care
  • Learning and practicing new coping skills to prevent relapse

Being proactive in preventing relapse one day at a time is like inspecting your armor every day. You can spot potential vulnerabilities before the dragons come and repair your armor each day before going into battle.

Facing Your Battles Each New Day

Even if you have relapsed before, living life one day at a time allows you to be successful in recovery for that day. There is a reason that people find lasting sobriety by living each day in the moment. Each day is a new battle. You wake up, inspect your recovery armor, and do everything to maintain your recovery for that day. Some days, your dragons are barely noticeable; other days may feel like a fierce and constant battle. That is why you face each day for what is happening in the moment, not looking back and not worrying about tomorrow. That is what it means to put on your recovery armor one day at a time.

The principle of “one day at a time” can protect you from addiction relapse like armor can protect you in battle. Contact us today to find out more about our support groups and alumni programs that can help you in your continuing recovery. 

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