Changing Your Thinking About Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach There are many reasons people avoid addiction treatment and recovery. Some of these reasons include the unknown costs, accessibility of a treatment center, stigma related to treatment, and denial. Another reason that people may avoid treatment for addiction is fear. Some people fear the unknown; some … Read more

8 Positive Signs Your Addiction Recovery Is Working

The road to recovery is a long one. Sometimes, you may not give yourself enough credit for just how far you have come on this journey of learning how to beat addictions. Recovery is far more than just being sober or preventing addiction relapse. It is changing, being willing to change and then continuing to … Read more

The Connection Between ADHD and Addiction

Within a substance use disorder (SUD) diagnosis, there are other diagnoses that are also commonly found. One of these diagnoses is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The common coexistence of these two diagnoses is considered a co-occurring disorder. Let’s explore the connection between ADHD and addiction.   What is ADHD?  The name ADHD can be … Read more

8 Addiction Relapse Prevention Techniques that Work

Once you have made it through your original treatment to learn how to beat addictions, the focus turns to prevent addiction relapse. Whatever techniques you may have learned in treatment, you can never know too many. You never know when you will need that one technique to get you through a craving or through a … Read more

What Does Addiction Treatment Look Like?

One of the barriers for people accessing treatment for substance misuse is fear of the unknown. What will happen in treatment? What is the process for drug or alcohol addiction recovery? Who are the people that will be working with me? Many of these questions are easily addressed and can help you to feel more … Read more

Going to Work During & After Addiction Treatment

There are so many factors involved in going to work during or after addiction recovery treatment. What do you tell coworkers? What do they know about your addiction? What will they say if they find out? How do you explain any absences from the workday? Those are often the primary concerns, followed by questions such … Read more

The Importance of Treating Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Together

When working to recover from a substance use disorder (SUD), such as chronic alcoholism, healing is only effective if you address all of the factors which impact substance use. For those who have co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders, the conditions are symbiotic. It is impossible to heal from one without treating and healing … Read more

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