The Value of Peer Support in Recovery

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach In times of difficulty, the support of friends is invaluable. In drug or alcohol addiction recovery, you need all of the support you can get. Your family is so important, and your friends are, too. Yet there is no substitute for the support from your peers … Read more

The Value of a Daily Mental Health Self Check-In

You have medical checkups with your doctor, you have a dentist look at your teeth regularly, and you take your car in for maintenance to keep it running well. Have you ever considered that your mind could use a regular checkup, too? When you are in alcohol addiction recovery, and particularly if you have a … Read more

5 Coping Strategies to Overcome Drug or Alcohol Cravings

Updated on 3/8/2023 Cravings can catch someone in recovery from substance use disorder off guard. No matter how well your drug or alcohol addiction recovery has been going, it only takes giving in to one craving to cause a relapse. In order to prevent a relapse, not only do you need to take great care … Read more

Can Eating Healthy Really Help the Body Heal from Addiction?

Updated on 2/8/2023 Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach Much of the focus of addiction recovery is placed on the consequences of your behaviors or how your behaviors affect your life and those around you. You may not be aware of just how much substance abuse is also harmful to your physical … Read more

Changing Your Thinking About Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach There are many reasons people avoid addiction treatment and recovery. Some of these reasons include the unknown costs, accessibility of a treatment center, stigma related to treatment, and denial. Another reason that people may avoid treatment for addiction is fear. Some people fear the unknown; some … Read more

Coping With a Breakup During Addiction Recovery

Managing alcohol addiction recovery is difficult enough. Add a relationship breakup and it can seem overwhelming, but a breakup is not an excuse for addiction relapse. A breakup is just another big bump on the road to recovery. There is no need to sacrifice all the work that you have done for yourself because of … Read more

You May Be Addicted, but You Are Not Broken

One of the most universal beliefs that people with chronic alcoholism or drug addiction have is that they are broken; that somehow, addiction makes them less than human or lesser than others without any known or visible addictions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each one of us is a whole and perfect being, … Read more

Equality in Addiction Treatment

Drugs and alcohol do not discriminate, so treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) should not discriminate, either. Whether it is location, cost or quality of care, you deserve access to treatment regardless of gender, race, religion, politics, economic background or anything else. While in the past, there may have been more barriers to treatment for … Read more

What Does Addiction Treatment Look Like?

One of the barriers for people accessing treatment for substance misuse is fear of the unknown. What will happen in treatment? What is the process for drug or alcohol addiction recovery? Who are the people that will be working with me? Many of these questions are easily addressed and can help you to feel more … Read more

Going to Work During & After Addiction Treatment

There are so many factors involved in going to work during or after addiction recovery treatment. What do you tell coworkers? What do they know about your addiction? What will they say if they find out? How do you explain any absences from the workday? Those are often the primary concerns, followed by questions such … Read more

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