Recovery During the Holidays in 2020

The holidays can be a difficult time to be sober. Traditional social gatherings often have an excess of alcohol and other substances available, and there may be familial or social pressure to drink or do drugs in these environments. Some people even give alcohol as

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How to Manage Medication During the Pandemic

As the pandemic continues, there have been months spent trying to adjust and adapt to the new normal. While progress is being made to develop effective treatments for COVID-19, it will likely be some time before the general population will have access to a vaccine.

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Why So Lonely? Millennials and Mental Health

Recently, millennials—those born between 1981and 1996—have been changing the way people discuss mental health. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI),  millennials have become the primary generation who advocates for mental health issues. Millennials often struggle with burnout faster than other generations because

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Curbing Disappointment and Anger During COVID-19

  There has been no shortage of tension during COVID-19. When you have financial responsibilities, children or are trying your best to share space with others if you have to work from home, life is purely overwhelming. You have lost balance and peace, and because

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What Is a Co-Occurring Disorder?

Life is rarely simple. Nothing about addiction is simple either. Actively using drugs or alcohol complicates our lives. Trying to recover from addiction can be complicated, too, even if the end result is better for us. However, sometimes addiction can be twice as hard when

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TMS: The Future of Treating Depression?

While there are many treatments for depression, most of practices may seem conventional—perhaps outdated. A significant number of people who struggle with depression may not respond to treatment and often find themselves doctor-hopping or switching medications. It leads to other adverse outcomes and could perpetuate

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Sharing Your Story for Recovery Month

This September is Recovery Month, which celebrates the achievements of those in recovery. The theme for this year is “Recovery Is for Everyone.” Every person’s recovery story is important and unique. There are many opportunities, especially this month, to let your voice be heard as

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