Why Is Inclusion Important in Addiction Recovery?

There are far too many places in our society where race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, wealth or other criteria determine how you are treated and what services you can access. While this is a deeply seeded societal issue, changes can be made. Within addiction

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8 Ways to Set Boundaries in Addiction Recovery

One of the most important emotional skills to learn in addiction recovery is how to set boundaries. As you become more self-assured, you will see the power of communicating with others from an authentic place. Learning to be more assertive, communicate more effectively, and set

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What is Outpatient Treatment?

Alcohol and drug addictions are serious diseases. With the proper support from friends, family, peers and correct treatment, you can overcome your addiction and sustain lasting recovery. However, many have different beliefs about rehab and what it means to get help. You might even associate

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4 Signs of Anger Problems

Emotions of anger, violence and acting out are often related to underlying mental health disorders, including but not limited to depression, anxiety and addiction. You might also exhibit severe low self-esteem and difficulty trusting yourself and others. Past traumatic experiences such as physical, sexual or

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How Exercise Positively Affects Mental Health

Exercise is not only about physical gains; it is about mental gains, too. Those who exercise regularly feel more energetic throughout the day, rest better at night, have sharper memories, and are more relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives. Exercise is a powerful

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Trauma’s Relationship with Memory

  Your memories help to shape who you are and how you behave. Sometimes memory loss or difficult memories can leave you in a state of anxiety, stress, anger and depression. Living in these states can make for an uninspired and even scary recovery journey,

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How to Forgive and Keep Moving Forward in Recovery

During early recovery, the emotions that have the strongest hold on you may be disappointment, resentment, blame and anger. These emotions can place a stranglehold on your happiness, though the only person capable of releasing them is you. Learning how to forgive – whether it’s

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