Creating a Crisis Plan in Addiction Recovery

Since recovery is a lifelong journey, there will inevitably be bumps in the road. These bumps are not only exclusive to the initial phases of recovery as they can pop out of seemingly nowhere years down the road. Unexpected adversity can put your sobriety in

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Do I Need Medication to Manage My Mental Health?

Having a mental health disorder, and seeking and receiving treatment for it, is challenging for anyone that experiences it. However, the stigmas associated with those who struggle with mental health and need treatment act as barriers that only make recovery seem even more difficult. If

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The Value of Peer Support in Recovery

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach In times of difficulty, the support of friends is invaluable. In drug or alcohol addiction recovery, you need all of the support you can get. Your family is so important, and your friends are, too. Yet

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The Value of a Daily Mental Health Self Check-In

Updated on 4/13/2023 You have medical checkups with your doctor, you have a dentist look at your teeth regularly, and you take your car in for maintenance to keep it running well. Have you ever considered that your mind could use a regular checkup, too?

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What to Do When Anxiety Takes Over?

Updated on 01/17/23 At some point in life, you will experience anxiety. When anxiety takes hold, it can disrupt your life and affect your sense of control, confidence and lead to physical symptoms. It can even lead to substance use in trying to cope. Here’s

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How to Appropriately Test for ADD/ADHD

Recognizing the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), is the first sign that you might have a disorder. Since ADD/ADHD symptoms vary among each person, the next step when you suspect you have a disorder is to seek an appropriate diagnosis.

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What Is Bipolar Disorder?

The defining trait of bipolar disorder is the experience of mood swings between periods of extreme happiness and intense sadness. While occasional mood swings are not out of the ordinary for many, individuals that have bipolar disorder can experience shifts in mood that interfere with

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What Does It Mean to Make Amends in Recovery?

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach One of the steps within 12-Step programs for drug and alcohol addiction recovery includes making amends to those you may have caused harm to when you were actively abusing substances. Amends is not a word that

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5 Benefits of Outpatient Care

Seeking treatment for substance use disorders (SUD) should not be challenging. While many believe that seeking help at an inpatient treatment center is the best approach, it might not be the best approach for you. Therefore, feelings of shame, guilt, fear and doubt could arise

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