Strength in Numbers: Benefits of Group Therapy

Being able to open up to others and express your vulnerabilities, fears, desires and goals is essential to forming healthy and lasting relationships. It can also be difficult to express your emotions in such a raw and honest way. You might struggle to show your

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Putting on Your Recovery Armor One Day at a Time

Recovery from addiction can be like building and wearing armor to protect you. When the dragons of relapse threaten, going back to the basics can help you fight them off. The basic recovery principle of “one day at a time” is so much more than

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The Benefits of TMS Therapy Treating Depression

  Depression affects individuals of all ages, genders and walks of life. More than 16 million Americans struggle with major depressive disorder. Depression can severely disrupt both your personal and professional life and even lead to isolation and self-harm. While treating depression generally moves slowly,

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Can You Break the Familial Cycle of Addiction?

  Addiction is a multifaceted, complex affliction that various factors can influence. Pinpointing the onset of your addiction can be difficult. You must look into your family’s medical history and look to your present influences. Some contend that addiction occurs due to genetics, which can

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How to Cope with Stonewalling While in Recovery

Stonewalling is a delay or block in a relationship, in which one person refuses to communicate with another by shutting down arguments or giving the silent treatment. Stonewalling can create a range of problems within your relationship including, disconnect, isolation, frustration and potential relapse. Part

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The Prevalence of Depression Among Women

Depression has become more widespread than ever, particularly after COVID-19 created a global mental health crisis. Historically, women are more susceptible to depression at an average rate of two-to-one when compared with men. While researchers are not sure if that is wholly accurate, as men

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