What Is Medication Management?

Proper medication management helps you address your overall health and work with your health care provider to address any challenges that could stand in your way of following a healthy regimen. Take a look at what medication management is and how it can benefit you.

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Why Are the Holidays So Difficult Emotionally?

The holidays are painted with joy and celebration on storefronts, catalogs, and commercials. Yet this joy eludes so many, and the failed expectation of those images likely compounds those emotions of sadness, loneliness, and heartache. There is also a significant increase in drugs and alcohol

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Considerations Before Taking Mental Health Medication

There is still a lot of misunderstanding, fear and discrimination surrounding mental health treatment. Perhaps no issue is more stigmatized than taking medication. Due to the misinterpretation and beliefs surrounding medication, you might have many questions. Before you become deterred from pursuing possible medication that

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Strength in Numbers: Benefits of Group Therapy

Being able to open up to others and express your vulnerabilities, fears, desires, and goals is essential to forming healthy and lasting relationships. It can also be difficult to express your emotions in such a raw and honest way. You might struggle to show your

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The Benefits of TMS Therapy Treating Depression

  Depression affects individuals of all ages, genders and walks of life. More than 16 million Americans struggle with major depressive disorder. Depression can severely disrupt both your personal and professional life and even lead to isolation and self-harm. While treating depression generally moves slowly,

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The Prevalence of Depression Among Women

Depression has become more widespread than ever, particularly after COVID-19 created a global mental health crisis. Historically, women are more susceptible to depression at an average rate of two-to-one when compared with men. While researchers are not sure if that is wholly accurate, as men

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Anxiety Is More Than a Buzzword

All too often, people mention anxiety as if it is some kind of a buzzword. However, true anxiety disorders are far more than a topic of the moment. Anxiety is a very real, tangible and physical disorder that can impact daily life. There are clinical

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My Therapist Is Leaving: What Now?

  Building a relationship with a therapist relies on security, comfort, vulnerability, and trust. It might take years to find the right therapist to develop a solid relationship, and a therapist plays a crucial role in helping you maintain success in your recovery. Therefore, when

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