What Do Substance Cravings Feel Like?

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach Drug cravings are not a new phenomenon for individuals in recovery from substance use and addiction. For individuals still actively using drugs and alcohol, drug cravings are often experienced when a substance begins to “wear off.” Substance cravings may surface mentally and physically as an urge … Read more

Why Is Faith Important in Recovery?

Faith is often deemed a key component in the treatment and recovery process. Nearly 73% of treatment centers across the United States offer some sort of spirituality-based element in their programs. They recognize the contribution of faith in helping people overcome their substance use and preventing them from future relapse. Renowned 12-step programs such as … Read more

How Can I Manage My Life During Treatment?

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach Substance use and addiction can result in intense consequences such as interpersonal relationship problems, financial instability, career issues and legal problems, among other things. After these consequences become clear, you may find yourself pulling your life together with the help of addiction treatment. However, treatment can … Read more

6 Habits of Good Sleep Hygiene in Addiction Recovery

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach Adequate sleep is essential for our bodies and minds to function properly. Sleep is restorative, meaning it allows the body to repair itself from the depletion of energy and other vital functions that occur while we are awake. Despite rest playing a crucial factor in health … Read more

Coping With Addiction Recovery Burnout

Addiction recovery is a life-long journey that requires persistence and commitment. Since there is no end to the trek, it may seem challenging to keep it a priority in your life now and then. You might experience difficulties maintaining your recovery routines and daily schedules, especially with continuing long-term treatment. It is essential to know … Read more

8 Benefits of Getting Outdoors in Recovery

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach Getting outside into fresh air seems like a cure-all for everything. After so much time spent indoors during a global pandemic, this has never been more true for both mental and physical health. In recovery, getting outdoors can be beneficial to prevent an addiction relapse and … Read more

Is Quitting Cold Turkey a Mistake?

While a certain amount of willpower is essential to helping you sustain recovery, is it enough to manage your disorder? Recovery, much like your substance use disorder (SUD), is complex and often requires more than just the trait of willpower. You must account for the severity of your SUD, your support system, your professional support … Read more

7 Things Not to Say to Someone in Addiction Recovery

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach Empathy does not always come naturally; it often takes awareness and learning to be supportive of others. Sometimes, even well-intentioned statements can be hurtful. In the case of someone in drug or alcohol addiction recovery, words can even be triggering. Educating yourself about substance abuse, treatment … Read more

Why Are the Holidays So Difficult Emotionally?

The holidays are painted with joy and celebration on storefronts, catalogs and commercials. Yet this joy eludes so many, and the failed expectation of those images likely compounds those emotions of sadness, loneliness and heartache. There is also a significant increase in drugs and alcohol consumed during the holidays, and not just during joyful celebrations. … Read more

Advocating for Yourself In Addiction Recovery

  Perhaps the worst aspect of finding help for a substance use disorder is feeling powerless. Addiction is a disease that interferes with your overall wellbeing and can diminish your confidence and self-esteem, leaving you to feel incapable of managing your needs. Likewise, when you finally choose to seek help for your substance use disorder, … Read more

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