Deciding Between Residential and Outpatient Programs

While deciding to seek treatment for your mental health disorder is excellent, you may feel stuck as you narrow down a treatment facility and program. With so many different facilities and programs to choose from, how do you know which will be the best fit? There are two main categories of treatment programs: residential (inpatient) … Read more

Do I Need Medication to Manage My Mental Health?

Having a mental health disorder, and seeking and receiving treatment for it, is challenging for anyone that experiences it. However, the stigmas associated with those who struggle with mental health and need treatment act as barriers that only make recovery seem even more difficult. Addressing Misconceptions and Stigma To better understand what role medication is … Read more

What to Do When Anxiety Takes Over?

Updated on 01/17/23 At some point in life, you will experience anxiety. When anxiety takes hold, it can disrupt your life and affect your sense of control, confidence and lead to physical symptoms. It can even lead to substance use in trying to cope. Here’s what to do when anxiety takes over. Understand You Are … Read more

Why Are the Holidays So Difficult Emotionally?

The holidays are painted with joy and celebration on storefronts, catalogs, and commercials. Yet this joy eludes so many, and the failed expectation of those images likely compounds those emotions of sadness, loneliness, and heartache. There is also a significant increase in drugs and alcohol consumed during the holidays, and not just during joyful celebrations. … Read more

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