Why Does Addiction Affect Everyone Differently?

Have you ever wondered why some people develop substance use disorders while others do not? You may also wonder why some people experience more severe addictions than others that regularly use alcohol or other drugs. In general, addiction affects everyone differently for several reasons. These reasons can be broken down into three categories of risk … Read more

Deciding Between Residential and Outpatient Programs

While deciding to seek treatment for your mental health or substance use disorder is excellent, you may feel stuck as you narrow down a treatment facility and program. With so many different facilities and programs to choose from, how do you know which will be the best fit? There are two main categories of treatment … Read more

Navigating Existential Distress in Recovery

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach What is the purpose of existence? What happens after death? We live in a world with an abundance of unknowns. Nearly everyone will begin to question these unknowns at some point in life. Humans are meaning-makers. Finding meaning in life helps people relate better to others, … Read more

How Addiction Impairs the Brain’s Reward Center

One of the largest misconceptions about addiction is that it is a choice. While addiction may develop from the initial decision to use substances, it takes over vital brain regions responsible for motivating individuals to carry out specific tasks and responsibilities. Nearly all brain areas are affected by addiction, especially the brain’s reward center. The … Read more

Environmental Factors That Contribute to Substance Use

Although addiction affects everyone differently, several unique risk factors can contribute to the development of substance use and addiction in a person’s life. These risk factors are formidable and relevant elements that increase their chance of using and misusing drugs. In general, the three most impactful categories of risk factors include: Genetic or biological vulnerabilities … Read more

What to Expect From Detox

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach To effectively treat substance use conditions such as addiction, treatment must begin with detoxification. Detoxification, more commonly referred to as detox, is the experience of being medically supervised and guided when weaning or withdrawing from alcohol or other drugs. Detox programs often utilize medications to help … Read more

Do I Need Medication to Manage My Mental Health?

Having a mental health disorder, and seeking and receiving treatment for it, is challenging for anyone that experiences it. However, the stigmas associated with those who struggle with mental health and need treatment act as barriers that only make recovery seem even more difficult. If you have achieved sobriety from a substance use disorder (SUD), … Read more

Are Mental Health Issues Always the Underlying Cause of Addiction?

Mental health and substance use disorders can overlap. When you have both, this is called a co-occurring disorder. In co-occurring disorders, mental health and substance use issues present their own symptoms that often interfere with work, home life and taking care of your health. When a mental health disorder goes untreated, substance use worsens. Likewise, mental … Read more

What Is Bipolar Disorder and How Does It Affect Addiction?

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Wheeler, Clinical & Community Outreach There is a very definite connection between bipolar disorder and addiction. Many people with addiction are diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and many people with bipolar disorder self-medicate with substances that develop into addiction. They are difficult to separate and even more challenging to live with. What … Read more

Stress Awareness: What Does Stress Mean to Your Addiction?

Stress is a primary factor in the onset and management of addiction disorders. Stress from work, home life and relationships often leads to poor judgment, such as using substances to cope. It is critical to decipher whether your stress is chronic or average. What is stress? Stress is complex and comes in different forms. While you may … Read more

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